Variety - the Children's Charity

DID YOU KNOW? That this year we have totally changed the way Groundswell operates. We are now a organisation known as 'Groundswell Festival Inc.' and are supporting Variety the Children's charity during the next event in 2017. You'll be seeing a lot more of their logo in our marketing as we raise awareness of their cause.

For every general admin ticket sold $4.00 will be donated to Variety.

Variety in return will use Groundswell donations to be distributed back through the East Gippsland area to help under privilege children and their schools for special equipment to giving special students school scholarships.

That's pretty good news right? We get to rock out AND help out, all at the same time.

VarietyBecause all children deserve the same opportunities in life.

All children should be able to follow their dreams and be the best they can be. No matter what life throws at them. No matter what their ability.

Each year, thousands of children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs, get support from Variety the Children’s Charity when they need it most.

Variety helps when others can't.

Families and organisations can turn to Variety – the Children’s Charity when government assistance isn’t available.

Variety provides support through grants for children and families for things like:

  • Mobility equipment and wheelchairs
  • Communication devices and education aides
  • Medical items and services

Our impact

“Variety has enabled our daughter to do things that any other five year old wants to do, despite being trapped in a body that fails her. That is the greatest gift of all”.

Together we can impact young lives in ways you may never have imagined. 

Variety is one of the most trusted and reliable charities, having given close to $2 billion in grants globally to help children who are sick, disadvantaged or who have special needs.

We’ve helped 1000’s of kids.

Giving the gift of a brighter future to thousands of Australian children.

The enormous generosity of the Variety community has changed the lives of thousands of Australian children with special needs for over 40 years.

Together we’ve created a place where children and their families can turn to for help when times are tough and when there is nowhere else to turn.

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